Stampede Premium Provides an Ideal Alternative for Feed During Hay Shortages

Hay remains an issue as growing figures of maqui berries maqui berries maqui berry farmers are replacing hay fields with cotton, peanuts, soybeans, corn or any other vegetables and making use of prices which have risen recently because of worldwide production problems. In addition, conditions have limited the amount of hay cuttings with the season in drought areas while rain has destroyed or limited production in other regions. During occasions such as these, processed forage and pellets provide an ideal option to hay, offering a better value that’s reliable in quality AND availability.

Since you love your horses and also provide them with the very best in forage and bedding, Stampede Premium supplies a complete type of equine products. Stampede Premium processed forages and bedding features a comprehensive choice of particularly formulated products to supply maximum diet and luxury for your horses.

Stampede Premium processed forages and pellets are consistently consistent. They provide guaranteed component analysis and supply confidence the creatures receive excellent diet with quality feed every day. Also, Stampede processed forage products are super easy to digest and supply less waste.

Stampede Premium’s Cubes within the Pro-Pak offer 25 % more product for the investment in comparison with leading competition.

Stampede Premium feed selections include:

• Alfalfa Cubes, Timothy Alfalfa Cubes, Alfalfa Small Cubes and Orchard Alfalfa Small Cubes – the most effective hay cubes. They’re peak harvested in addition to sun-cured to supply maximum palatability in lots of seasons. And they are simple to store.

• Alfalfa Pellets and Timothy Grass Pellets – a perfect option to hay during occasions when availability is scarce. Pellets can also be an excellent choice for caregivers selecting the simplicity a processed forage within the smaller sized sized sized form. Bear in mind, Stampede’s pellet items are also appropriate for other small farm creatures.

In addition for that Stampede type of feeds, Stampede offers a full-type of bedding products. Stampede bedding includes eco-friendly 100 % kiln-dried pine shavings in lots of forms:

• EZ Clean – Double screened for consistent size and quality for reducing dust and making stall cleaning simpler.

• Kurlz – Medium-size shavings and flakes enhance stall presentation and will be offering maximum comfort for your horses and minimizing stall cleaning.

• Blend – Medium and small flakes together with sawdust for elevated absorption. It’s among our most practical and efficient bedding products.

• Pinewood Pellets – A distinctive option to traditional shavings products. Pellets provide a dryer, longer-lasting bedding option that are presently more and more popular for several bedding uses and doubles as being a natural fuel for grills and smokers.

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