How to Teach a Parrot to Talk & Their Availability

Parrots are popular for their impressive talking ability and mimicry. Because of their intelligence, they become popular as pets. Now, parrots are trending on social media. Though they have special talking ability but without proper training parrots can’t talk. However, providing training to parrots for talking is not an easy task. In this article we will know everything that we need to know about how to teach a parrot to talk, how to choose the right bird for training and where you can get a healthy and well-socialized talking parrot for sale.

Understanding Parrot Behavior

Before starting the training process, you have to understand the parrot that you are raising or want to buy. Parrots have a high level of intelligence and these social birds are incredible in expression. They use their body language and a wide range of vocalizations for interacting with the environment. So, firstly, you need to spend time with the parrots and have to understand the natural behavior and vocal patterns. This will help you to understand their way of communication and when they are ready to mimic and speak. You shouldn’t force them to mimic when they are not ready.

Preparation for Teaching

When starting training, creating an optimal environment is the first step. You need to offer them a secure living space where they feel comfortable and safe. A stressors free environment will allow your parrot to focus on learning new sounds. After that, you have to focus on building a strong bond with your parrot. Trust and friendship is the foundation for training. So, for building trust and friendship with your bird, you need to spend time with it doing talking and playing. When you will build friendship with the bird, it will feel secure and loved. In this way they will be more motivated to learn and communicate.

Choosing Words and Phrases

Choosing words and phrases is very important. First, you have to select easy words and phrases. So, use one- or two-syllable words that are clear and distinctly human. The words can be hello, hi, goodbye. The bird’s name is another starting point. Regularly use the same words in front of the parrot when caring for it. Parrots are intelligent and they pick up human inflections. So, speak clear words in front of them. It helps for fast teaching. Parrots also pickup and mimic emotional tones. So, the training session should be positive and upbeat.

Teaching Techniques

Positive reinforcement and repetition are the best way when providing talking training.  So, consistency is the key to success. Select a time and regularly teach at the same time.  When your parrot attempts to speak, respond immediately and encourage them by offering food. Thus, it will understand that if the parrot does the same, it will gain more food. This reinforcement technique is very effective. Keep in mind never use too many words or phrases at a time. Focus on one or two words until they can be clearly recognized.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Many people make mistakes when training their birds or parrots. Avoid overtraining, it makes the bird exhausted. Don’t only focus on the parrot’s training but also focus on the quality of the training. So, regularity is the key to success. Always use the same words with similar meaning and remain constant with the reward system. Never punish your parrot for not speaking or speaking wrong meaning words. Negative interactions not only hamper the learning process but also strain the bond with your pet. Lastly, avoid forcing yourself to speak. Forcing can lead to your parrot in stress and negative association. So, when the bird is not ready or not in the mood, take a break from training.

Problem Solving

If you think your parrots are talking time to learn. Then you shouldn’t go ahead with the new words. Step back and do the same training as before. Changing time and the length of training time is also an important factor. You should keep in mind that all birds are individual and some can learn fast or some can take time. So, understand the behavior of the parrot first. Then, engage your parrots with toys, puzzles, and social interactions to keep their minds active. Regular practice will provide a successful training session. 

Where to Buy a Talking Parrot

As the training process is time consuming you can find a reputable breeder who has a talking parrot for sale. Talking Parrots Island is a reputable and responsible breeder of parrots. You will find a wide section of talking parrots from them. Visit Talking Parrots Island to find your best matching talking parrot for sale.


Teaching a parrot to talk is a rewarding and enriching endeavor that deepens the bond between bird and owner. With an understanding of parrot behavior, a prepared environment, careful word selection, and proper teaching techniques, you can guide your parrot to add a new dimension to your relationship through conversation. It takes commitment, patience, and love, but the joy of hearing your parrot speak is well worth the effort. Start your training with these techniques, remain consistent, be patient with your parrot as it learns, and celebrate the small victories along the way. Your parrot’s first words are just the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that will bring joy and companionship for years to come. So hope you get the complete guide on how to teach a parrot to talk.

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