How To Prevent Your Dog From Sustaining Ear Infections?

One of the typical problems that most dogs, regardless of the breed, experience is infection in their ears. Floppy ears of your furry friends can easily trap dust, dirt, debris, minuscule bugs and moisture. Thus, ear infections are common, making them sometimes experience severe discomfort and pain. So, make it a priority to clean your pup’s ears regularly to prevent it from sustaining infections.

Measures to Take to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Professionals with extensive experience in dog grooming Singapore can clean your furry companion’s ears properly. Regular cleaning helps keeping the risk of ear infections at bay. Here’s what you can do to rid your pup’s ears of unwanted trapped elements.


Ear cleaning frequency depends on the breed of your dog, the type of ear and its activity level. Some breeds require cleaning once every week, and the rest need it once a month.

Ear Cleaner

It is advisable to avoid using ear-cleaning solutions that are for humans. Consult a certified veterinarian to get a dog-specific ear cleaner.

Cleaning Technique

Expert vets, as well as the ones who groom dogs, know the right technique to clean their ears. Usually, they massage the base part of a dog’s ear to loosen any dirt. Then, they dip a cotton ball in the cleaning solution to eliminate visible debris. Rely on professionals who have offered pet grooming services for many years.

Additional Steps to Take for Ear Cleaning

You can implement other precautionary measures to ensure your pup’s ears remain dirt and debris-free.

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to ensure no water inside its ears after it bathes or swims.
  • Consult a vet immediately if you notice allergic issues with your furry friend’s ears. Early intervention can prevent severe ear-related problems.
  • Make it a priority to take your pup to a reliable veterinarian on scheduled dates. You will have peace of mind if you do so. A vet can easily detect potential issues with your pup’s ears by examining them during every appointment.

You have to be cognizant of all the typical signs of ear infection and ensure proper cleaning from time to time. Do so to ensure there’s no issue with the ears of your canine companion.

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